The Ecology
pathway through Sans Souci
pathway through Sans Souci
tropical vegetation at Sans Souci
tropical vegetation at Sans Souci
typical ocean view
typical ocean view
Filipiniana Resort during construction of cottages
beach resort for sale or lease during construction of cottages
Opportunities of site design by Architect
Opportunities of site design by Architect
occupied residence Lot 71
occupied residence Lot 71
stairs pathway through or park
stairs pathway through or park

The Ecology as Central Theme

Sans Souci's eco tourism mission is to develop and support an economically sustainable eco tourism enterprise that contributes to conservation and serves as models for other eco tourism initiatives; and to develop and disseminate tools for eco tourism that influence the broader tourism industry towards greater ecological sustainability.

It is the ambitious goal of this project to implement newest technologies and waste management programs, that will lead the way in sustainable development of excellent resort hotels.

Of all commercial operations, the tourism industry is the largest consumers of energy and water and the largest producer of waste. Challenges for environmental technologies and some of the sustainable design process issues are:

  • ozone depletion (CFC12s use in air-conditioning)
  • global warming (reliance of fossil fuels and inefficient heating design)
  • air pollution (car exhaust, use of fossil fuels)
  • noise pollution (vehicle traffic)
  • water and resource depletion (limited groundwater recharge, limited use of recyclable materials)
  • loss of bio diversity (destruction of natural habitat).

The building of the future will need to be oriented to react to increasing environmental pressures.

  • maximize solar and wind benefits
  • minimize impervious surfaces
  • monitor indoor and outdoor air quality
  • design specifications for energy and waste management
  • judicious site selection
  • ecological feasibility

The project will map out an environmental strategy to take the project into the new millennium, with building construction design and siting a key item on the agenda.

With the increased awareness in the environment all over the world and new markets emerging due to this consciousness, new resort developments in the world can embrace this opportunity to attract true eco-tourism.

Tourists around the world are searching for places to visit, that completely let them forget about city-life and enjoy their stay with the knowledge of all environmental concerns of a tourism operation are being taken care of.

The resorts strictly adheres to an environmentally sound approach in both its structure and operations.  Waste water management will be handled by a “Living Machine”. Residential units and cottages will be provided with solar heating panels and will be build from eco friendly construction materials. 

Marine Biologists will assure that the delicate balance of marine life is going to be preserved.  A small boat pier will prevent coral formations from being disturbed and damaged. 

To prevent soil erosion being brought by rainwater into the sea, rainwater will instead be collected into lagoon type reservoirs and recycled for landscaping use.

A program called Recycle Resort will be implemented using the principles of "reduce, reuse, recycle".

Air Quality

The proposed project is located in a very pristine area where no vehicles and factories and other human activities abound. The air is always fresh as the breeze from the open sea is constantly carried by the wind up to the ridge of the property. The only noise one can hear are the songs of the birds, the whispers of the leaves of the trees and shrubs as the wind blows, and the relaxing sound of the waters hitting  the sands and rocks along the beach.

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